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Replacement:** None. We are no longer carrying this product in our catalog. This page is for reference only. Microchip’s 16FA 28 Pin 8-Bit Processor. The PIC 16FA/P from Microchip is small, powerful, inexpensive. Microchip PIC controller — high-performance RISC CPU Microchip supports the entire performance range from 8-bit, bit and bit microcontrollers with a.

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PIC 16F876A PWM Generation.

Analog-to-Digital Converter Module Starter: First time Robot [ Let’s Make Robots ] 3. I’m quite inexperienced with coding and micros, by the way, so my question to you kind folks is: We all had to start from ground zero at some point.

Can someone please help with Proton Basic setup and coding? I also have some 16MHz crystals and 22 puff caps. Essentials Only Full Version. You must log in or register to reply here.

PIC 16FA-I – SP: PIC controller, S-DIP at reichelt elektronik

I suspect your code doesn’t even compile for the PIC you are using. Bound to be back with questions about it! Ok, I think the ms is a bit short. Members who have read this thread since 17th October Hi, How can I use multiple function by a single switch. Fascinating 3 actuator joint [ Project Ideas ] 6.


The comments say you are using the NEC protocol.

MikroElektronika Forum • View topic – Bootloader for 16FA

Drive Motor Sizing Tool [ Tutorials ] 1. Guests on forum By: If so, you had better tell us which one. This all came about from my interest in learning how to use I2C communication, and I needed a micro equipped with the “MSSP” module enabling this protocol to be used.

Thread starter steve langner Start date Jan 20, Make sure your configuration bits are set properly. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Head to the Robots section of the website! Fortune teller aracde machine similar to zoltar [ Let’s Make Robots ] 9. Absolute Beginners Section Starter: Who wants to take over London?

PIC 16F876A Datasheet – Microchip

There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. I can get on with things now. Problems with Programming Oscillator in XC16 Is it possible to stretch a pulse signal using only microcontroller? Do you want to showcase a r…. Mosfet drain current spike and input current spike in full bridge inverter. Changed the fuse value to RC to use internal osc. Want to create a topic here? I don’t much like the look of your transmit routine as it is using software delays rather than counting Timer 2 interrupts 16f876z are synchronous to the 38KHz nominal PWM pulses.


I – My Biped Robot [ Robots ] 7. Archimedes Trammel Motorized [ Tutorials ] 6. Using cheap mobile phone to send an alarm Started by Western 3 minutes ago Replies: Using Lidar to track path 16f876w high speed object [ Let’s Make Robots ] 8. I want to use 4 16f876s by a single switch.

Click here to register now. Fortunately I 16f876z three left from the Chinese consignment of five. Yes I want it for IR Remote application in my project.

Does sound like you haven’t configured the 16f87a6 correctly in you code. Welcome to our site! How to build a Claude Shannon juggling machine [ Tutorials ] 7. Also you aren’t using a driver transistor for the IR LED so your transmitted optical power must be pretty low.

Multiple functions by a single switch By: Programmable controller help 16f86a Projects Showcase ] 3. Teiu – 2DOF quadruped robot [ Robots ] 3. Hitting all kind of problems with the hardware. Mine were samples from M’Chip, were yours samples as well Maurizio?