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While this transistor substitution seems to be a good thing, it was not 2j697 modification whose effect I was able to check, in listening trials, against the Williamson. Also, as before, it fades away into the general noise background of the measurement system as the output power is reduced.

Simple Class A Amplifier transistor amplifiers

It’s not my cuppa tea and efficient speakers are mandatory for a lot of them. I was immediately intrigued by the man and his ideas. I assume this is due to the presence of the bootstrap capacitor connected to the signal path.

The four string bass has more emotion to the notes. Several factors contribute to this. In view of this, it is suggested that these should be an MJ or 2N, used in conjunction with a 2N or, better still, a 2N Subsequent high-quality transistor power amplifiers have largely tended to follow the design principles outlined in this article.

A number of schemes have been proposed to overcome this problem, including the use of full complementary symmetry 2 3 4and various methods of ensuring that there are an equivalent number of forward biased junctions in each limb have been described 5 6including the ingenious semi-complementary triples arrangement used in the “Quad” amplifier 7.

However, some of these designs are now rendered obsolescent by changes in the availability of components, and others are intended to provide levels of power output which are in excess of the requirements of a normal living room. From Jason Hubbard, England — JLH version I have built the amp I used it for about 6 months but gave up on it – I had inadequate heatsinking and the fan I needed to run in order to keep it all cool bugged me too much.


The negative end of the feedback capacitor C4 is shown connected to the —ve supply rail. Constructors of this amplifier have commented about its smooth sound, with many favourable comments and comparisons against valve designs and a few not so favourable comments with regard to its limited power output. Also, the heatsinks must be able to dissipate the extra heat and the output transistors must be adequately rated.

Every capacitor sounded different and the one that really made the amplifier sing was the Roederstein other capacitors made the amplifier sound more ‘mundane’, more clinical, more sterile.

Low gain output devices such as the 2N should only be used with a high gain driver transistor, for example the 2N or 2N or a suitable alternative – perhaps a specially selected BD I had received reports that the circuit modified to dual supply rails sounded better than the version, but I could not be sure that there were no other variables involved. It has more depth in the sense of stage but narrower than the Rotel.

Simple Class A Amplifier transistor amplifiers

The modified circuit is suitable for both the original JLH amplifier using only the positive half of the circuit and the update. The last three columns in the tables have been dstasheet to allow calculation of nodal dc voltages at other supply rail voltages. They have a total lack of hardness that has to be heard to be believed.

As a result, for the sake of historical fidelity, I would still recommend the use of epitaxial-base s as Tr1 and Tr2. I know you plan at some point to change to full range speakers, but I would seriously recommend that instead, you try these transistors with paper-in-oil caps, preferably copper foil on the input.


The series of articles written by Williamson, in Wireless World over the period — described the power amplifier and its ancillary units. Rudy van Stratum, Dutch audio-hobbyist Why this article?

Full text of ” Motorola Semiconductor Data Manual”

Alternative method of quiescent-current control. The maximum figures obtained in the simulations are included in Table 2. Where an unsmoothed h. Once they 2n69 noticed, they tended to become more apparent on protracted periods of listening.

Rudy van Stratum has tried values up to uF and has found that uF sounded best in his modified dual rail version. In my humble opinion, this is 2n6997 of the best simple transistor amplifiers available to the diy public, up to this very moment.

At that time,silicon p-n-p transistors datashset not very good, so the design used only n-p-n power devices. Nevertheless, the story of the JLH inspired me to take another leap at transistors. This gives the easiest possible physical construction i. JLH – a lifetime in electronics ……… These amendments are shown in Fig. During datashfet last few months, Geoff and I seemed to have a continuous hotline of e-mails about the progress I made in building a second JLH.

Its ability to portray the acute sense of emotion and excitement contained in a fine performance, through its accuracy and with such grace, coupled with its ability to scale music’s dynamic heights so convincingly, is rare.