Agitated Filter is a closed vessel designed to separate solid and liquid by filtration under pressure or vacuum. The closed operation ensures odorless. Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer is a cylindrical, vertical closed vessel made as per For stirring near filter media to keep it clear of sedimentation and automated. The Nutsche Filter is the industrial version of the well known laboratory scale Buchner Funnel except that it is designed to operate under either on vacuum or.

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Other Liquid-Solid separation Products. ON FILTER BED Mother liquor is sucked through the filter bed and collected in the receiver, nuysche is below the level of lower compartment of the filter, and slowly cake formation begins on the filter media. Vacuum is then applied in the filtrate receiver which is connected to the filtrate discharge nozzle. This product belongs to the solution. Save time and let us provide you with verified contacts.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Views Read Edit View history. Plug type side discharge valve is provided near the filter plate. These cylinders are provided for vertical nutche of the agitator. The cake height can be built up in successive step.

The liquid is forced through with pressure or vacuum. Apart from this, we have been dealing in material handling equipment and hand pumps. Stainless Steel – Usage: At this point the vessel and product may need to be cooled to an ambient temperature prior to discharge.


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Nature of Business Manufacturer. Please enter full name. The entire vessel can be kept at the desired temperature by using a limpet jacket, jacketed bottom dish and stirrer blade and shaft through which heat transfer media can flow.

The fllter features along with precision in manufacturing give excellent process control viz filtering,spreading, compacting,reslurring,discharging and drying. Estate, Makarpura, Vadodara – ,Gujarat.

Filtration can be then repeated. Pressure balance line is kept open to avoid cloth ballooning.

Agitated Nutsche Filter in Vadodara

Agitated Nutsch Filter Ask Price Designed to operate under either on vacuum or pressure in batch operated industries such as fine chemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals and particles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. For products requiring sterile manufacturing conditions, filter-dryer can be specifically designed to include stem-in-place SIP capabilities, and eliminate all internal dead spaces.

Please enter your Email ID. It has four movements; each movement, either single or in combination is designed to carry out specific operations. Agitated Nutsch Filter is designed to perform a multitude of tasks including reaction filtration, cake washing and thermal nutche on a single unit.

These conditions are excellent for contamination free operations maintaining purity and hygiene.

Pharmaceutical Filter – Pharmaceutical Dryer, Pharmaceutical Mixer, Pharmaceutical Blender

This design is good for vacuum and very low pressure application. These Automatic Agitated Nutche Filter are developed from the high grade material and sophisticated technology.


A specially designed quick openable discharge valve which allows much closer access to interior of machine for heel removal is also available. This is executed by the addition of fresh wash liquid that is mixed with the solids.

By using advanced tools, our professionals manufacture these. In this process vacuum is applied on the top of the vessel through dust filter as well as on bottom of the vessel, which will accelerate the drying process. Nuutsche drying, the most common method, involves a vacuum source, agitation, and dust filter. Filtration can be broken down into two types of processes — continuous and discontinuous or batch operations.

As agitatde washing filtee necessary can be done till cake is free from all impurities and the quality is within acceptable limits. The media should be determined based on the characteristics of the slurry including particle size and shape, cake porosity, and compressibility which are all factors that, when taken into account with the filter media selected, will determine filtration rate. Limited overall dimensions Reduced investment cost Improved product quality Reduced cross contamination risk Closed system: Pharmaceuticals and Fine chemicals.