Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel): Stranger ( Yaoi Novel) v. 1 by Reiko Yoshihara, Rieko Yoshihara, Reiko Yoshihara from. : 間の楔 Vol 他人 / Ai no Kusabi Vol.1 Tanin Ceres: a city without ethics or taboos, ruled by instincts and lusts. These are the slums—immutable, eternal, . All about Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel) by Reiko Yoshihara. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for.

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Not willing kysabi be indebted to him, Riki offers his body to Iason, only to have the Blondie kidnapped him from his home and forced him to become his pet.

Ai no Kusabi Vol. 1: Stranger

While drinking at a bar, a frustrated Riki thinks back to the events that lead to his meeting with Iason three years ago: Ai no Kusabi Vol. The first book might be a little confusing and slow, this is the kind of series that you have to read till the end. While Jupiter, Raoul, Katze, and a one-armed Guy mourn their deaths, Katze voices how Riki and Iason did love each other in the end while Guy reflects about the grief that he had caused.

So far, I’m loving this kusabii I expected I would. Each complements the other and both were deliberately manufactured to keep their respective citizens in line. It so deserves the large screen treatment.

Your use of the site and services is subject kueabi these policies and terms. Jupiter has divided people into classes, many of which are genetically engineered or altered.

Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel) (v. 1) |

Jupiter escaped the control of its human creators and established its own society based on the idea that only those with knowledge and how to use it should be in power. Aug 23, Blue rated it really liked it. The narrative is third person omniscient stranged Yoshihara makes that work very well.


Apparently it is the entire first chapter of the hardbound version as its own volume! Iason Mink is the top of the top, a Blondy, genetically engineered for perfection. I disagree with Riki here. This entire volume is basically all setup. Although Riki is uninterested, Kirie goads him into going as Guy notes Riki’s strange behavior.

This is a novel of stark obsessions, decadence, deadly boredom, sexual depravity, genetic manipulation and human degradation. Rieko Yoshihara has created a brilliant novel, one that explores the depths to which people can sink until there is no hope left and no life beyond endless fighting, brawling and the constant st This kkusabi a novel of stark obsessions, decadence, deadly boredom, sexual depravity, genetic manipulation and human degradation.

The anime films only were able to scratch the bare surface. This appeared to be only the first several chapters. Al on a planet where, due to environmental conditions, the population is virtually all male, the two main characters are Iason Mink, a Blondy, and Riki, a boy from the slums. Look, unless you’re not only comfortable with the very old-school conventions of the yaoi genre but actively enjoy them I can’t recommend this to anyone.

Maybe the others are right, it gets better with volume 2.

The setting is awesome. However even he is only going “Let’s go do something! Seeing Riki’s current state, Guy recalls one night before Riki’s “disappearance” when he that came home with expensive wine. Frankly the opening prologue and the last fifty pages are about the only thing that move the story along.

The first episode was released in Augustand the second in May Three months later, Riki landed a job as a courier in the black market due to his friend Zack, who arranged a meeting with their boss, Katze.


The characters are compelling. My problem with this is the translations are stiff and at some points so badly worded in English I don’t know why the translators didn’t rework it into something maybe less directly translated but made more sense in the language.

Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger Yaoi Novel: : Reiko Yoshihara: Books

A lot of the illustrations in the volume seem pretty random or misplaced. Mar 01, Lelyana rated it really liked it Shelves: They keep “pets” adolescents in their late teens for about a year, for purely voyeuristic purposes, before discarding al. Sometimes you need a little bit of poetic license because my god, the direct translation is either ridiculous in English or nonsensical and there is plenty of that. Yet, that’s as far as this volume goes.

Following immediately with volume 2 is best, as it jumps in with the violent, destructive behavior of Iason and Riki almost immediately! And is unremittingly brutal in doing so. When I started reading the books, I could not help noticing how different, at least to some degree, the characters are from the OVAs. I pleasantly surprise how well written it was and it held its own against many of my favorite science fiction books. Are you sure you want to delete this item? This Dystopian world pulled me in from the first chapter and kept me there.