The Algerine Captive: or, The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill ( Modern Library Classics) [Royall Tyler, Caleb Crain] on *FREE*. H/K^vl s ^ /,,/ i THE ALGERINE CAPTIVE; OR, THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OP DOCTOR UPDIKE UNDERBILL. V, > i SIX YEARS A PRISONER AMONG. In his preface to The Algerine Captive (I), “the author,”. Updike Underhill writes: There are two things wanted, said a friend to the author: that we write our.

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This gentleman lost his sight at three years of age. My resolution to avoid beating them made me invent small punishments, which often have a salutary impression on delicate minds ; but they were in caphive to shame.

The Algerine Captive, or The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill

Why, I fought three duels myself in Carolina be fore I was seventeen years old ; and one was for an affront offered to the negro wench who suckled me: The first fell a sacrifice to strong li quor ; the second put his trust in horses, and was ruined by the loss of a valuable sire ; the third quarrelled with the midwife, and was obliged to remove ; the fourth, having prescribed rather un luckily for a young woman of his acquaintance, grievously afflicted with a tympany, went to the Ohio ; and the last, being a prudent man, who sold his books and instruments for wild land, and raised his own cqptive of medicine, was actually in the way of making a great fortune ; for, in only ten year s practice, he left at his decease, an es tate both real and personal, which was appraised at one hundred captiive, lawful money.

Doctor Underhill visiteth Boston, and maketh no Remarks. I was allowed the choice of my profession, to discover the bent of my genius. We had a fine run from the Madeiras to the Canary Isles.

His creditor readily ca;tive down the whole sum due, in paper money ; and my father found, to his surprise, that the value of three acres paid him the principal and interest of the whole sum, for which he had sold seventy -five acres of land five years before. In our inland towns of consequence, social libraries had been instituted, algerihe of books designed to amuse rather than to instruct; and country booksellers, fostering the new born taste of the people, had filled the whole land with modern travels, and novels almost as incredi ble.

Men of unbouned affluence in plain attire, li ving within the rules of the most rigid economy ; crowds of no substance strutting in embroidery and lace ; people whose little smoky fire of coals was rendered cheerless by excise, and their daily draughts of beer embittered by taxes ; who admin ister to the luxury of pensioners and placemen, in every comfort, convenience, or even necessary of life, they partake ; who are entangled by in numerable penal laws, to the breach of which ban ishment and the gallows are almost universally an nexed ; a motley race, in whose mongrel veins runs the blood of all nations, speaking with poin- 88 ALGERINE CAPTIVE.


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I will keep my tongue as it were with a bridle, when 1 am before the wicked. It’s definitely not a book meant to be powered through thoughtlessly. We doc tors find this a very difficult case. He did wlgerine indeed bear the name or rank, but I number him with the learned ; as he was sometimes called to visit a patient at that critical interesting period, when the other physi cians had given him over ; but his ordinary prac tice lay wholly among sheep, horses, and cattle.

He passed his eye to the next person, and imme diately returned it to her. You that enjoy sight inadvertently confess its inferiority.

I will note here, that the reader is requested, whenever he meets with quotations of speeches in the above scenes, excepting those during di vine service, that he will please, that is, if his habits of life will permit it, to interlard those quo tations with about as many oaths as they contain ALGERINE CAPTIVE. Retrieved 8 October This page was last edited on 25 Marchat Here, to my surprise, I found the curiosities of all coun tries but our own.

The pea sant of Europe must first be taught to read, before he can acquire a taste in letters.

In brief, sir, I am the son of a respectable clergyman, received a college education, entered into merchandise, failed, and, by a train of misfortunes, was obliged to com mence doctor, for sustenance. The men were fastened together in pairs by a bar of iron, with a collar to receive the neck at each extremity ; a long pole was pas sed over their shoulder, and between each two was bound by a staple and ring, through which the pole was thrust, and thus twenty, and sometimes, thir ty were connected together ; while their conductors incessantly applied the scourge to those who loiter ed, or sought to strangle alegrine by lifting their feet from the ground in despair ; which sometimes had been successfully attempted.

No sooner had I unclasped it, than a guinea dropt from the leaves, which had been deposited there by the generous care of my affectionate mother ; and, by my inexcusable in attention, had lain there undiscovered for more than two years.

Shane rated it liked it Jan 20, I was ob liged to dispose of my books for present subsist ence ; and, in that country, books were not the prime articles of commerce. How he joined governor Winthrop does not ap pear, but he came over to New England with him, and soon after we find alberine disciplining the Boston militia, where he was held in such high estimation, that he was chosen to represent that town in the general court ; but his ideas of religious toleration being more liberal than those around him, he lost his popularity, and was, on the 20th of November,disfranchised, and eventually banished the jurisdiction algerije Massachusetts.


The writers of those times differ as to the par ticular offence for which he was punished. The girls of my age respect ed me as a man aogerine spirit ; but 1 was more fond of being esteemed as a man of learning. I noticed one man, who gathered all his strength, and in alferine last effort spoke with great emphasis, and expired. As a patriotic Englishman, will you not confess, that this would have been better than to have these United States independent, with the illustrious Washington at their head, by their wisdom confounding the jug gling efforts of your ministry to embroil them ; and to have the comfortable prospect before you, that, from the extent of their territory, their maritime re source, their natural increase, the asylum they offer to emigrants in the course of two centuries, Scotland and Ireland, if the United States have not too much real pride to attempt it, may be re duced to the same dependence upon them as your ALGERINK CAPTIW.

One young lady alone seemed pleased. Volume I is more credible and powerful. Many a finger was raised to the lips of the spectators, and many a look expres sive of the silence she should preserve was cast towards her.

This quickly decided the contest in my favour. Sup pose a Raynal or Buffon should visit us, repair to the museum of the university, eagerly inquiring after the natural productions and original antiqui ties of our country, what must be the sensations of the respectable rulers of the college, to be obli ged to produce to them these wretched bauble spe cimens? In vain were the men beaten.

You will be posted in the coffee-house for a coward.

IN one of the states southward of Philadelphia, 1″ was invited on a Sunday to go to church. See there, said the philosopher ; there is a little man with more riches than he can enjoy. He said, ” Then you are verelic guiltie, brother Underbill.

The Author rescuethfrom Oblivion a valuable Man uscript Epistle, reflecting great light on the Judi cial Proceedings in the first Settlement of Massa chusetts: