Jazz Harmony by Andy Jaffe is one of the most definitive texts on the subject. Over the years the book has proven equally useful for students of all backgrounds. Jaffe writes with a Gil Evans-like ear for harmony and motion. Andy Jaffe has been an active jazz composer, performer, recording artist and jazz educator for. Jazz Harmony by Andy Jaffe, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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That F natural is not so unusual though, it brings into play a lot of opportunites for altered chords. There are times when Dorian can be used as a color choice, and other times when it’s rather inapropriate such as in the key of Cmin when going to the iv chord; the raised 6th creates a major third over the Fmin.

The Book of Silence Michael Lauren. Here is his interpretation of bars 9 to I can talk a lot more theory than I can actually manage to succesfully use in my playing. Advance Music Be the first!

I like to call it mixolydian b6 or Aeolian dominant. And sometimes it might not even be that, given the context of our discussion here. Yeah, names are all arbitrary It’s actually one of my greatest self-criticisms: It’s all been done! In the same book, the tune “Summertime”. I just wanted to mention an interesting book You may also enter a personal message. I learned most of my jazz theory from a grizzled old bass of course!

Jazz Harmony

Over the years, this book has proven equally useful for students from all backgrounds – self-taught, classically trained, or working professionals.

Hi wgcabp, Thanks for joining in. You find it all over the place in Baroque music, Bach and Vivaldi made great use of that scale.


I realized that rock “theory” is much closer to classical.

Easily share your music lists with friends, students, and the world. I anry believe how difficult it is to actually sing in tune with a drone. If anything, it’s more about the destination than where you are in the moment. You can also listen to your MP3 at any time in your Digital Library.

Do you usually like this style of music? If you have any suggestions or comments on the guidelines, please email us. Can you use it or not? It’s only taken me twenty years to put some of these high-end theory concepts into actual practice. Several years ago, I was teaching jazz theory to a student and he was much more interested in rock I must say. The guy thaught at Berklee College of Music for a while.

Jazz Harmony – Andrew Jaffe – Google Books

For me, it got so removed from the actual music that it started feeling like math for math’s sake. Narmony am with you on this one, I guess that is what I meant by context.

After purchase you can download your video from your Digital Library. I hear people talk of the “Dorianising” of minor chords in theory, but I don’t get it.

Kinda hard to get into a debate with Schubert! I can’t even see the page After Beet 9 last week I am not intellectually qualified to read anything more complex than Winnie the Pooh. With all of the recent discussion, I think that we’re going to jxffe to open up a theory section at the Wiki.

So ii-V’s non-diatonic are indeed looked at as “key of the moment” modulations, as they change the scale choices for the improvisor. Totally with you on this one too, I didn’ have much time to dig for clever sophisticated examples. The F7 sounds nice since it’s basically the IV chord, but it doesn’t really serve a “purpose”, so it’s probably just there for color, and some descending bassline action.


That’s why I very much enjoy making a living playing music written largely by dead European men. Good lines have direction! We do not use or store email addresses from this form for any other purpose than sending your share email.

He dismissed all of the new pedagogy as “crap” and had his own collection of written sheets with scribbled notes and techniques. I find it unfortunate though that the nomenclature of these modes the ascending minor melodic scale modes is not quite “established” yet and this can lead to confusion.

In Blue Bossa one might elect to think that the A natural on the Cmin7 chord makes a nice contrast with the Ab in the Fmin chord. Prof Susan Hallam Mbe. Close X Learn about Digital Video. It might just be me but It seems that the fact min7 chords also happen on the iii and the vi degrees gets sometimes pushed aside.

How I passed piano proficiency at CCM still remains one of the biggest mysteries of my conservatory days well, that and how I managed to remain alive after closing down so many bars so playing all this complicated stuff on piano was a, uhm, challenge to say the least.

Danger Music Eddie Ayres. Should give me some time to harmonh past Chapter 2 in the Levine book, if I get back to it.