Books shelved as go-weiqi-baduk: Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go by Toshiro Kageyama, Tesuji And Anti Suji Of Go by Eio Sakata, Battle Strategies by Ja. This page contains reviews of the Go books I read, so you can have some guidelines before going on a shopping spree. I provide here links to the books. I’m trying to learn some very beginner strategies for go, and I saw that my local game store had a bunch of books on go, including Iwamoto’s.

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Popular Baduk Books

Nonetheless, there are a number of websites and articles aimed at informing western readers of the books available to them. Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Vol.

Follow this link for a detailed review of this book. One of the best go books I’ve bought in a while. If I understand correctly, OP asked which one A reading beginner’s books or B learning online is good, you implied that they should do none but C only play games. The Endgame The last stage in a complete Go game is usually pretty boring, since there are less and less places to fight for, and the fights are smaller and smaller – the last one is many times a half-point fight in the final ko.

This is the sort of book you don’t see very often in a ‘technical’ book about a topic like baduo By studying go in this problem format, you will not only learn the basic principles as to why moves are made, but you will also train yourself in thinking through and analyzing the positions that arise in your games. Log in or sign up in seconds.

The second is essentially “tesuji for dummies” or “baby’s first tesuji”. The Get Strong at Go Series Written, compiled, and edited by Richard Bozulich These problem books cover every phase of the game from the opening to the endgame.


The Games of Shusaku soft cover. The problems are difficult and I would not recommend this book to anyone lower than 3 dan. Once-in-a-lifetime type frequency, but anyhow, if you are stuck at some rating for weeks at DDK level, it boojs be something rather simple that you’re doing wrong, something that if you see it pointed out, you will realize your mistake and can start progressing again.

And know that the game is about territory, not about killing. How can this be worth studying?

Popular Go Weiqi Baduk Books

That being said, bacuk you may get some good ideas from books. I love these books, they constitute a great motivator for one’s Go career.

We have discussions, go problems, game reviews, news, events, tournaments, lessons and more! You have more directed learning than with a normal book of problems, and you retain what you learn more than with most other books vooks are a series of examples or blocks of text.

It’s been a fantastic resource for me and has proven itself invaluable. I provide here links to the books available online from Amazon. A lovely book, and a must read for everybody who wants to understand the spirit of Go, not only the technique.

After two dozen games, you might read uhm which books? Close Encounters with the Middle Game. Our account number is our email address: Other than those two, I’d just recommend you do tons of tsumego, and tenuki a lot. Most books are above my level, but usually in the first twenty pages or so, I see something i can at least try in my own games. This is the mother of all Go problems collections. Submit a new text post.

I see that OP specifically mentioned ‘strategy’ in their post, but I’d assume that they are only use the general meaning booms that word. This is a book by Takeo Kajiwara, who was a famous professional Go player in Japan. Only 14 left in stock – order soon. The Kim series is not even close If you wish to order items in other categories, complete your book order first by clicking the window above. There are several tests in the book. How useful are books in learning go? In general, books make you feel a lot stronger, but then when you play, you still lose to the exact same opponents you did before.


However, the Level Up books teach a concept, and then give you a few pages of problems to get you to use it in practice. This page contains reviews of the Go books I read, so you can have some guidelines before going on a shopping spree. So I want people to understand that. Therefore, What is your favorite Go Book? Attack and Defense Another essential book in the collection of any serious Go student. I think books can certainly be helpful. Which books did you read?

The quality of book recommendations on Redditt varies extremely. The practical relevancy of this badu is what gives it its value. Once you’re up to badul then books alone can be useful, provided that they’re the right books. Both formats work fine on my iPad, but only one can show me sequences of moves on the screen.

The Game of Go / Baduk / Weiqi

Read Tactical Reading, which does explain the theory of tactical reading for 13 kyu or stronger. This is a collection of games of the most famous Go players in bloks, Honinbo Shusaku. You know what would be an amazing happening?