Story,” from First French Kiss, by Adam Bagdasarian, create an assessment by . “Carrots” by Adam Bagdasarian from First French Kiss and Other Traumas. The First French Kiss by Adam Bagdasarian, is a collection of stories about a boy named William. Two stories in book, “Carrots” and “My Side of. Mandatory Texts: “Going Steady” by Adam Bagdasarian. “Carrots” by Adam Bagdasarian. “Always Running” by Luis Rodriguez. How does the author start the .

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And Other Traumas by Adam Bagdasarian. I adored his line of thoughts, his profound way of looking at things, with a frighteningly striking semblance to that of my own. However, the damage has been done.

First French Kiss: And Other Traumas

You may use notes from your Reading Notebook. We can see in William and his family patterns carrost are also sometime present in our families. Bagdassrian does not write in a chronological order. Whether it’s struggling up a godforsaken mountain with other miserable campers, t Growing up male – funny, touching, and as unexpected as life itself! However, the damage has been done.

William is introverted, preferring to stay in his room practicing his signature to xdam outside. He wants to tell us that growing up is not easy, and that obstacles will inevitably block us from our destination. Use at least 2 of the 4 strategies we’ve learned about in class in writing your analysis.

Aug 12, Cheri rated it really liked it. Create adma free website Powered by.

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The chapter where Will find Hmm William seems less concerned that he was tied up in the first place. What to say about this book?

This is an excellent read for any young adult looking for a little humor. The story is written in the voice of a boy named Will, as he recounts his childhood “traumas” that seem to him to be both major and minor incidents.

Character Analysis: Reading Assessment – Ms. Glassco

This collection of finely crafted stories from the acclaimed author of “Forgotten Fire” zeros in on the moments of comic confusion and tender transformation that make up one boy’s wild ride through childhood and adolescence. Aug 03, Patti Sabik rated it liked it Shelves: These small moments reveal William to be quirky and intelligent. Great collection of short stories. The experince of love and rejections. And okay, I saw it: Also the biggest one of all the gum ball machine.

I do like the idea of the author telling his life adventures of his childhood, while occasionally adding an exaggeration or twist to the story The author Adam Bagdasarian shows how the relationships between a father and son carrots by adam bagdasarian be complicated. You will have the whole period to complete the assessment. Adam Bagdasarian has written a delightful, engaging book for young adults. Trivia About First French Kiss His second novel First French Kiss: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The book has both a humorous tone as well as a more serious tone at times, as he explains his first make-out session, and talks about how at the age of 10 he became one of the “popular boys,” but also as he explores life and mortality and begins to ponder what it is that will make him a man.


William seems less concerned that he was tied up in the first place. How he an she were in love with each other. Glassco Link to Mr. Some of the stories are funny, and some sad, but the writing is so good.

With a title like that, I thought it would be really funny. I usually enjoy short stories, but I just didn’t love this book. This was a fast read and at first I wasn’t so into it. He imagines fictional people and their fictional lives and have fictional conversations with them.


This book seems to have been intended for teens but I think it might be lost on them. Your Best PDF they hosted here. Feb 26, Emily Jardine Burdette rated it it was amazing. As soon as I read the title, I wanted to know what it was all about. Adam Bagdasarian’s stories of his childhood and adolescence read so true that it is difficult to remember that you are reading fiction.