Maybe I’m the last person who’s hearing about the Citigroup “plutonomy memos”, but they’re blowning me away. Wait, now that I look around. The full report is available here MarPlutonomy-Report-Leaked-Citigroup-Memo-Part1. In , Citigroup came out with a brochure for investors called “Plutonomy: Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalances.” It urged investors.

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Or it could be quotes like these, explaining fears of the plutocrats regarding tax policy:. Back when I worked at ThinkProgress, I repeatedly broke stories using leaked memos and other internal documents from powerful corporations.

That is not true. His web site is www. Outsourcing, offshoring or insourcing of cheap labor is done to undercut current labor costs. Seeing as how Megaupload is offline, here are the Reports via two other links: The issue is joblessness. The first memo is dated October 16, 35 pages and is titled: The answer is of course yes.

Just send e-mail to gil —AT— merced-a. Richard William Posner permalink. Edward Fullbrook and Jamie Morgan. These memos prove the opposite, that the elite are perfectly happy to let us drown.

A multinational decided to close down a profitable, functioning facility carrying out some high-tech manufacturing. It just defies belief.

While this tends to be something more often seen in countries with a shorter history of capitalist democracy, such as the Ukraine attempts to undo prior privatizationsor Russia where some ciribank our clients believe events surrounding Mikhail Khodorovsky to be a form of nationalizationit can happen in the strangest of places. Ralph — you need to do a bit more of that checking. The idea of worker takeovers is something which is, incidentally, very much on the agenda today, and we should keep it in mind.


Conspiracy Theory – a hypothesis that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. For the public, correctly, the deficit is not regarded as much of an issue.

Citigroup attempts to disappear its Plutonomy Report #2 | Real-World Economics Review Blog

In one of the suburbs of Boston, about a year ago, something similar happened. A few years ago, two copies of these memos were leaked and were published on the internet. This site uses cookies. Accusing another user of being a troll or shill can be viewed as an attack, depending on me,o.

Finally, from the third memo: The answer is of course yes. In a sense, this backlash has been epitomized by the media coverage and actual prosecution of high-profile ex-CEOs who presided over financial misappropriation.

Well anyway, nice to know that great minds think alike, as it were. He has the same cadre of economic advisors as GWB and they have convinced him that the financial industry can patrol itself with no need for any significant new regulation.

Still true, as per evidence by Thomas Piketty and others. Ever since they were leaked to the internet a few years back, Citigroup has been trying desperately to hide these memos from the public. This one sounds familiar, like someone told me about it at some point.

Their strategy seems to be rather short-sighted. It used to be that if a person in Congress hoped for a position such as a committee chair, he or she got it mainly through seniority and service.

Send a message to conspiracy.


But with enough popular support, they could have won. Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalances https: In a sense, this backlash has been epitomized by the media coverage and actual prosecution of high-profile ex-CEOs who presided over financial misappropriation. From CPS News more: The authors of these studies predicted that the global trend toward plutonomies would continue, for various reasons, including “capitalist-friendly governments and tax regimes”.


Perhaps one reason that societies allow plutonomy, is because enough of the electorate believe they have a chance of becoming a Plutoparticipant. Citigroup seems to be perfectly happy with the rule of the rich. Citibahk Blog at WordPress. This is not something mejo to Europe. Fortunately for the investors, the analysts at Citigroup also considered these points and started to think about the plebs who, as history shows, have a tendency to be unruly, if poor. The World is dividing into two blocs — the Plutonomy and the rest.

The developments that took place during the s set off a vicious cycle. In three reports for super-rich Citigroup clients published in and citibano, a team of Citigroup analysts elaborated on their thesis that the share of the very rich in national income of plutonomies had become plutonoy large that what is going on in these economies and in their relation with other economies cannot be properly understood any more with reference meno the average consumer: Clearly, this is a brazen abuse of copyright law to suppress legitimate journalism.

Plutonomy and the Precariat | HuffPost

Thanks for posting — you might like this one too: One has been hanging around since In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use citjbank factors to be considered shall include: This is what Dodd-Frank has done, to some extent: Until then, there had been no financial crises since the Great Depression.

It shows that they consider the end of crony capitalism corporations subsidized by government to be the equivalent of theft:. And this is considered a good thing.