A flexible, fast-playing set of miniatures rules. An army consists of 12 units (called “elements”), classified as Blades, Warband, Knights and so forth. The rules are. 12 Sep DE BELLIS ANTIQUITATIS EPUB DOWNLOAD – Back to the De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) Rules Board Just to clarify, El Jocko, will the +. Buy Dba Simple Ancient and Medieval Wargaming Rules Including Dbsa and Dba De Bellis Antiquitatis Version De Bellis Magistrorum Militum.

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De Bellis Antiquitatis (English edition ) | Board Game Version | BoardGameGeek

So it was more like Tom and Joe saying “We’re a dad who can beat up your dad! They knew better than you or I that their firepower was insufficient to stop a cavalry charge across open, solid ground. Miniatures – Historical – Rules.

Some players have found Phil Barker ‘s succinct rule writing style to be difficult to decipher, referring to it as “Barkerese”. Don’t forget, it wasn’t until the advent of breech-loading and repeating rifles that infantry could stop cavalry with firepower alone.

Or will it end up like Armati? The English intermixed bodies of archers with Men at arms. The brunt of the “French” really Italien mounted charge fell on the English men at arms and seems to have blown right through them.

At Crecy for instance the English did not use stakes, the ground was open and the weather fine, but still the archers stood off three massed charges of French knights. They didnt fight like Parthian horse archers and their mounts were for operational mobility, not tactical. Tom is saying that his analysis and implementation of that analysis in the DBA context is correct while those of professional historians such as Jones and Rogers are wrong!


You seem to have figured out what historians have been debating for years. If the front edge of antiuqitatis single element or group is in de bellis antiquitatis 2. Is there de bellis antiquitatis 2. Happy Gaming to all. Boardgame counters are punched, unless noted. Tom dismisses secondary sources such as Jones and Rogers West Point military historian whom I cited above.

De bellis antiquitatis v22 plus cavalry spear

As far as you owning a great anitquitatis of books…I guess I am happy for you. Many gamers perceived that this increased complexity came at a cost in playability.

Or will it end. I just like to correct folks that speak out of ignorance. We’re not even entirely certain how pike and shot functioned in antiquuitatis practical manner. It certainly seems to have been a guiding light for Tactica and even DBx philosophically. Not that it needed it. So as they independent third party looking at two models of primary sources, that of DBA developers and that of professionals such as Jones and Rogers, antqiuitatis in my opinion is more likely to be right?


English archers often wore armor, used sword and buckler at some times mauls or long swords and so fought hand to hand in a similar fashion to men at arms.

Well, Tom is a friend de bellis antiquitatis 2. I’m just not willing to give a secondary source such as DBA more weight that the likes of a West Point military historian. I only own the first edition rules and play only when Tom runs a game, so don’t own 3. So if your an archer you want a big tough spear next to you esp if fighting mounted foes.

Dismissing others as “ignorant” while also disagreeing with professional military historians looks rather silly. Some have suggested that their loss was due to superior armor of their mounted enemies. I was toying with the idea of getting into DBA more.

De Bellis Antiquitatis

From my perspective and that of any other average DBA player, both “secondary sources”, DBA and those books, are equally removed from the primary sources. IIRC they can’t move and fire but I don’t remember. NKE for instance has one optional 4Bd.

The higher roll wins the combat and results are applied immediately, before the next combat is decided.