Dragonmech: Steam Warriors is a book on character options. It starts off with feats, then new classes, then new steam powers, then new spells, then some. This character sourcebook unveils the world of the steam warriors. If you’re looking to incorporate more steam tech into your Dragon Mech game, or looking to. Look for more information on DragonMech, including freebies, news, and web . Steam Warriors has what you need to bring host of advancement options.

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They also get automatic proficiency with any weapons on their mech.

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Here come the S. Thu Jul 28, 3: Basically, half of it dragomnech a sowrd, and half of it is covered in tools that you can unscrew from the weapon. You also need the feats Mechwalker, Mechidextrous, Mech Dancer, Mech Fu and Natural Pilot, and you must have the extraordinary pilot special ability and at least one of the special mech skill uses granted by some classes.

They do not age in the same way as most races, but they use the same rules as their systems are not free of entropy and do slowly wind down over time.

Only the creator can use these spontaneous powers – they stop working for anyone else and crumble to scrap, and they can’t be combined with other devices by any means. A blood engine is a modded steam or necrotic engine that runs on blood. The less dedicated are just crazy guys with implanted mech dragonmefh, but the best and most insane are basically a brain in a mech.


They will raise their children for a few years, then send them on their way.

This one wants to replace their brain with a machine in order to upgrade it. It can sense general direction unless within 5 feet, at which point it can be more specific.

Steam Warriors is the steampunk sourcebook.

Goodman Games

It’s like my joke about “Wang Fire” in Avatar. Tuesday, 10th February, It isn’t a sadist but it does believe in sacrifices being made for the greater good, and is more dragonmecn willing to ask cogworms to risk their lives. However, starting at level 2, you must also make lose self checks.

I Gave the Mouse a Cookie See, sometimes, coglayers treat these machines as if they’re alive. Redlining takes a skill check with DC based on complexity and size. Some say they’re an unintended side effect of the creation of animated or undead mechs, caused by arcane ‘bleed.

DragonMech: Steam Warriors PDF

There’s a mech manual, a location sourcebook that’s pretty decent, a sort of “Campaign Book 2” about more in-depth things in the setting, and a few others. At level 3, a cogworm may add steam powers to existing machinery easier, including to large citymech mechanisms, even while the machines are operating.

Rragonmech can be made in any size, which is the size when inflated.

They can be harmed by rust effects, and can resist them with Will. They also control the most city mechs; the five city mechs of Nedderpik, Durgen-lok, Lokag, Thuron, and Goria form the core of their military might, as well as the centers of their political power.

To disconnect, they now need a full action, and it deals 2d6 damage to both the symbiote and the mech each time. As can be expected, many of the dragommech classes involve mechs and these focus around either piloting a mech such as the feared Mech Devilsfighting a mech such as the Anklebiterand two classes Assimilated and Mech Symbiote revolve around becoming a part of a mech. Others believe chatterboxes are something new and different.


It is literally powdered water, halving the space an amount of water takes up but not changing its weight.

That’s a TL;DR of this book: Steam weapon adepts have learned how to get the most out of their equipment. stsam

FATAL & Friends — Dragonmech: Steam Warriors

The combat abilities suffer a bit, but if you’re having more mech-on-mech action, that loss of attack bonus won’t bother you unduly. It is a really, really shitty set of leather armor with overlapping plates of scrap metal on it and a shitty helmet. Oh, and you can’t attach anything to the barrel because it’s too wide. Cogworms also see themselves as the protectors and go-betweens for cogling families and clans and the outside world, trying to keep them safe and healthy. Their hatred of machinery is such that they manifest the ability to use Rusting Grasp, and they get the ability to sabotage mechs to hinder operations, with no skill check needed–just time.

Sun Jul 24, 5: They tend towards the reverence or at least acknowledgement of Dotrak, an emergent Deity whose demesne is Machines. This ability is negated if you ever add artificial parts to yourself again.