Annals of Marketing Management & Economics Eugeniusz Michalski The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a name, term, design, sym-. Corresponding author: Eugeniusz Michalski, Department of Management, Koszalin Marketing mix, value added to customer and foreign environment as. Get this from a library! Marketing: podręcznik akademicki. [Eugeniusz Michalski; Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN.].

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The social role of woman shows an alteration parallel to time and culture. Regional convergence is widely discussed in the literature, and has gained in importance in the context of European integration, especially in the past decade.

Therefore, the focus of marketing analysis is on the data recorded at the social networks.

Marketing Podrecznik akademicki – Eugeniusz Michalski – Google Books

It is noted that a specific feature of educational migration is its impact not only on the profitability of the educational sector or a particular universitybut also on the economy of the country region that provides educational services in general. Not using private labels — the dilemma of independent aftermarket companies in Poland Katarzyna Hys, Alfred Franke Summary. Imchalski discusses criteria for choosing taxation eugenuusz for entities in karketing small and medium enterprise sector that do not have a legal personality in other words, they are run by natural persons and pay personal income tax.

Therefore their buying behavior should be analyzed. I also explore the influence of age and health condition on satisfaction levels. We kindly inform you that, as long as the subject affiliation of our Producers try to gain from new brand marketing management and try to form new consumption trends together with intermediaries.

Their answers indicate that, contrary to what a number of other studies have suggested, pull factors could markering more important in influencing Polish students to study at British universities.

Marketing : podręcznik akademicki

In this case, please broaden your search criteria. Such a point of michalskk brings about new challenges connected to managing a sports organisation and requirements towards positioning sponsoring in the marketing communication strategy of the sponsor to emerge in the context of expected effectiveness of all activities. They define, in the light of the central hierarchy of waste, the types and magnitude of necessary measures to be implemented in this area.

Marketing practitioners believe in high significance of their brands and high utility fugeniusz their products. The process of improving threat detection systems is based on scientific risk analysis, the results of which form the basis for comprehensive risk management in clinical nutrition.


The article studies the historical development of educational migration processes in Ukraine. Effective curriculum development for entrepreneurial training demands an integrated understanding of motivators which must be driven extracurricular, while enterprise education continues to become embedded in educational delivery structures.


O13, Q14, Q18 Kowalczyk B. This is the review article. The determinants are divided into indirect factors economic, demographic and marketing and direct ones. The actuality of the research of the population spatial mobility in the context of human development is proved in the conclusions. Q13, M31 Thoma L. This research expands the current knowledge on service guarantees in the context of legal services.

Database elaboration was made through the SPSS program. For the entire period the average and the median funds and the market were exposed to a similar amount of investment risk. We live in the age when the masterpiece of a director, an album of a singer or a show of a speaker is no longer the maintrailer pulling the viewers, listeners and other audience to come and see it on their own. While thwarting piracy still proves a great challenge, the issue could be approached from a different point of view: This should be a revealing lesson for Polish automotive market regulators, especially when we need to deal with our own problems, such as the high average age of vehicles.

There is growing recognition that the standard approach to motivation, referred to as Motivation 2. The cooperation between a sports organisation and a sponsor requires a processual approach and the implementation of rules favouring the process of building a partnership.

The results indicate the importance of the location, the size of the traditional shop, the small importance of e-shops and, at the same time, the relatively low interest of retail outlets for this group of customers in the design of the dedicated offer. The characteristics of the population spatial mobility are generalized. These are consumers free from many obligations, having many plans for the future.

Changes in the profitability of investment funds in Poland in the period Emil Ochnio Summary.

Nevertheless, conclusions from the research can be used as pointers in creating and correcting evaluation systems in organizational practice. The three other variables growth, profitability and size are negatively correlated with leverage.


A total of interactions were identified using a cross-impact matrix featuring the behavioral factors of the leader and 25 factorial factors. Immobility as the opposite property of mobility is mzrketing.

Definitions and features of the air transport market are presented, as are the relationship between supply and demand for passenger transport services. Twenty nine equity investment funds operating during the period of — were examined.

BazEkon – Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie

As a result of the research, features of diversification strategy for the agricultural sector were analysed, the essence of which may be found in the unification of agricultural products with other kinds of activity. The impact of the global economic crisis on tourism in Cyprus Katarzyna Podhorodecka Summary.

Overall, by means of my work I gain an overview of the psychological factors behind the decision-making of one target group doing place marketing. The paper examines the rates of return of three main types of investment funds in the period of from to June Classical marketing communications models do not reflect the complexities of the contemporary communications processes.

It was established that analytical conclusions should be considered not only the grade of the quality achieved, but also the degree of harmonisation of internal and external factors. However, some island territories coped better with the effects of the crisis than others.

This article presents the results of comprehensive research on image in the internal and external environments of an organization. To maintain and expand the reproduction of intellectual potential, it was suggested to use effective measures of educational and migration policy that would quickly adapt to the changes in the global economic environment.

Sponsoring on the sports market should be treated not as a promotional tool, but rather as the act of building a relationship network, which is created and developed as the partners cooperate. The health of society treated as a set of potential consumers requires effective action and a multidisciplinary approach. M31, O32, O33 Larina Y. Shadow brands — exploring phenomenon of meaningless brands Author s: