The Eurapipe ABS system comprises a range of matched pressure pipes and fittings, jointed together by a wide variety of methods including cold solvent cement. Euratech Industries Sdn. Bhd. is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sales of. Eurapipe ABS pressure pipes and fittings. Our products are widely used . MSDS. Eurapipe ABS Primer MSDS · Eurapipe ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit CPVC Solvent Cement MSDS [ KB.

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PVC protective suit may be required if exposure severe. Open cuts, abraded or irritated skin should not be exposed to this material Entry into the blood-stream through, for example, cuts, abrasions, puncture wounds or lesions, may produce systemic injury with wbs effects. The reactions, commonly recognized as condensation reactions, produce higher molecular weight products.

Avoid contact with incompatible materials. Based on its reactions in eurappipe, it seems likely that ketones undergo photolysis in water. Consult manufacturer for recycling options or consult local or regional waste management authority for disposal if no suitable treatment or disposal facility can be identified.

Do not approach containers suspected to be hot.


Keep warm and rested. Solvent welding, flanged joints, mechanical couplings Approvals: Observe the patient carefully. Wear safety footwear or safety gumboots, e.

See section 7 Incompatible materials: On combustion, may emit toxic fumes of carbon monoxide CO. Large hood or large air mass in motion 4: Wash out immediately with fresh running water. S37 Wear suitable gloves.

S09 Keep container in a well ventilated place. Earth and secure metal containers when dispensing or pouring product. Ensure complete irrigation of the eye by keeping eyelids apart and away from eye and moving the eyelids by occasionally lifting the upper and lower lids.


Methyl ethyl ketone is expected to biodegrade under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions as indicated by numerous screening tests. This is complemented by a wide array of eirapipe moulded, compression and electrofusion fittings from leading global manufactures. Drug therapy should be considered for pulmonary oedema. The properties include, Low eurapipd, Excellent chemical resistance, exceptional ageing resistance and high rigidity.

Limited evidence suggests that repeated or long-term occupational exposure may produce cumulative health effects involving organs or biochemical systems. Perform CPR if necessary. Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed Any material aspirated during vomiting may produce lung injury.

Collect solid residues and seal in labelled drums for disposal. S51 Use only in well ventilated areas.

Page 1 of 9 Fusion stocks and supplies WA 08 fusionaus. May be violently or explosively reactive.

Satefy & Consumables

Evidence shows, or practical experience predicts, that the material produces irritation of the respiratory system, in a substantial number of individuals, following inhalation.

Eurapipe K-FLO ABS pipe systems have forged avs leadership in heating and ventilation HVAC markets by providing a unique eurapips of benefits and clearly superior performance K-FLO system is an integrated pre-insulated piping system for use in the mechanical and building services industry. Tecofi is involved in other fields such as biogas, food-processing industries, pharmaceutical industry, and sugar industry.

Note that properties of a material may change in use, and recycling or reuse may not always be appropriate. Our comprehensive testing laboratory and rigorous testing procedures ensure the consistent manufacture of high quality products.


Under conditions of high pH pH greater than 10the enolic proton is abstracted by base OH- forming a carbanion intermediate that may react with other organic substrates e. Avoid contamination with oxidising agents i. Wear protective clothing when risk of exposure occurs. If it has been contaminated, it may be possible to reclaim the product by filtration, distillation or some other means. These pipes and fittings are most suitable for fluids whose temperature does not exceed DegF.

Velocity generally decreases with the square of distance from the extraction point in simple cases. DO NOT discharge into sewer or waterways.

Fish LC50 24 h: PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride pipes are highly resistant to chemicals due to which it is widely used in chemical industry for transporting aggressive liquids. Seek medical attention in event of irritation.

Other mechanical considerations, producing performance deficits within the extraction apparatus, make it essential that theoretical air velocities are multiplied by factors of 10 or more when extraction systems are installed or used. See Other protection below Other protection: See section 7 Conditions to avoid: Many factors determine whether the reported Hazards are Risks in the workplace or other settings.


Respiratory tract irritation often results in an inflammatory response involving the recruitment and activation of many cell types, mainly derived from the vascular system. Safety glasses with side shields. Suitability and durability of glove type is dependent on usage.