This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter. “Flowering Judas” is a short story by American. In an interview with Barbara Thompson (Writers at Work, ) Katherine Anne Porter said she always wrote the. Katherine Anne Porter often spoke of her story “Flowering Judas” as the tale she liked best of all her stories because it came the nearest to what she meant it to.

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Dec 16, Matthias rated it liked it Shelves: Forthright Quotes by Katherine Anne Porter. It was important for her kwtherine know the destination of her literary journey first so that she could set a course like sailors and airline pilots leading to the destination.

Laura is looking for practicality while Braggioni is happy to enjoy the spoils of war and continue fighting while at the same time forgetting about those who have paid a heavier price than him.

Aaron rated it it was amazing Dec 27, Then on his return she pleads for his forgiveness when the reality is it is Braggioni who should be seeking forgiveness from his wife. Lyric fictionists short stories In short story: If things had of been different Eugenio would still be alive.

She went to Mexico with the idea that revolutionaries were dashing and dedicated; Braggioni, she discovered, was neither. The short story ends. The tragic ending jars against today’s sensibilities but is still a provocative read “Virgin Violetta” tells of a poet who flirts with matherine young sisters from an upper class Mexican family.

“Flowering Judas” by Katherine Anne Porter: an analysis

It failed to draw me in and I felt like it could have done a lot more in regards to multicultural literature. Please try again later.


To ask ujdas readers questions about Flowering Judasplease sign up. I don’t know if I’d have been inclined to porher them otherwise: Jul 06, Julie rated it really liked it. Rejected Catholicism but remained attracted to it, then decided to fully accept Catholicism. Aug 28, J rated it it was ok. She sometimes sneaks into a Catholic church to practice the religion of her youth, but she fails to embrace the church as an essential part of her life. They are, in other words, a garden party of very great ladies, trained in effortless perfection.

A Roman Catholic convent graduate, like the author, she pauses now and then in a church to indulge her religious tendencies, also forbidden by the revolutionaries. Climax and Its Effect. When the poet makes an inappropriate pass at the younger sister her reaction and her mother’s unsupportive response to anticipates the development of the strong, independent woman characters in 20th century literature “Theft” is about a struggling actress whose bad luck is compounded by the theft of her purse, the link between her life and theft are described in this great paragraph “In this moment she felt she had been porger of an enormous number of valuable things, whether material or intangible: Mexican Revolution—20a long and bloody struggle among several factions in constantly shifting alliances which resulted ultimately in the lorter of the year dictatorship in Mexico and the establishment of a constitutional republic.

Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. After all, she is only Despite her distaste for the powerful leader Braggioni, she endures his oppressive, off-key serenades. Cite Post McManus, Dermot. Study Questions and Essay Topics. Click here for pictures of Judas trees.

Teaching children English in Xochimilco by day, smuggling secret messages and sleeping pills to prisoners by night, she appears brave and daring, yet exhibits fear in many forms. Characters are complicated and the story doesn’t evolve easily. Her little betrayals of the Socialist cause seem fairly insignificant.


When she awakens from the dream, she is afraid to go back to sleep. The author does not tell the reader. What about Laura’s vague fear of impending doom? Porter also appears to be exploring the theme of corruption.

This reluctance to bind herself to an ideal or a cause mirrors her attitude toward the men who woo her. Maybe I set the bar too high in regards to midth century literature, but I was not impressed with this title. Nothing gains her full attention. Lists with This Book.

Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter, |

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This casebook on “Flowering Judas” addresses Porter’s ambivalence surrounding her roles as woman and artist and also attests to the profound influence of Mexico upon her work. The story mixes reminiscences of her life, especially of her being jilted before her eventual marriage to another man, with her dreams and confused conversations with those at her side “Flowering Judas” is about a young, attractive, virgin woman who goes to Mexico to support the revolution.

In doing so, she casts her lot with Judas; she becomes a betrayer.

This is a tough one to rate because some of the stories are stronger than others. A wonderful modernist short story. Some would call her a feminist, but not in the sense by which feminists are known today. The language is perfectly-tuned to the occasion throughout. I wish I could give it a 4. Nelson Garcia rated it it porteg ok Nov 25, This is a collection of Porter’s first stories, written between and