Such is the overarching premise of the Berserker series of books, by Fred Saberhagen; the first of these, simply titled Berserker, I finished. Berserker (Saberhagen’s Berserker Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Fred Saberhagen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Berserker man [Fred Saberhagen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For countless millennia the dreadful Berserker fleets have ranged.

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The Taj: Official Fan Site of Fred Saberhagen’s Berserker Universe

David rated it liked it Aug 03, There were several debates between human characters as well as between humans and machines as to whether biological life is evidence of metaphysical meaning in the universe or whether we are alone and without ultimate purpose.

Chad rated it really liked it Feb 27, And the Berserkers’ similarity to the Daleks doesn’t end there, for they naturally find themselves in similar stories. For those of you who still want to read this novel, I hope you find it more enjoyable that I did. Well before Star Trek’s The Doomsday Machine a weapon left over from a millennia-old warSaberhagen wrote about the Berserkers, an armada of war machines left over from a long-ago intersellar war.

The most common Berserkers are large spherical interstellar spacecraft, heavily armed and armored, equipped with self-replicating factories, and capable of producing numerous scout craft, foot soldiers, and other weapons of war. The berserkers have developed a new trick: The real heart of these books is the human element as each protagonist in turn must find their own brand of courage and intelligence in order to defeat the enemy.


May 27, Ronald added it. It’s this kind of story that I wonder what it meant to people without any prior knowledge of the material – references to Berserkers, Karlsen, Lucinda, Hemphill, etc. It is clearly inspired by Moby Dick, even to the point that the Ahab character loses a leg and acquires scars on his neck and face.

The Berserker Throne (Berserker, #7) by Fred Saberhagen

Mass Market Paperbackpages. Saberhagen also wrote a series of a series of post-apocalyptic mytho-magical novels beginning with his popular ”Empire of the East” and continuing through a long series of ”Swords” and ”Lost Swords” novels. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Grant Matsuoka rated it really liked it May 06, Berserker, even with all its flaws, has earned the honor.

Prince Harivarman, exiled on the Templar Radiant, suspects that he will be the next victim. Goodlife has no idea about his family, where he has come from, and as such, has only feelings for the machine.

Or try Amazon if you don’t want to bother getting up. The planet-eating sugarcone of Star Trek.

The Berserker Throne

Keely rated it liked it Shelves: It seems that no one knows who made these killing machines to begin with or for what purpose exactly, but it is surmised saberhqgen were some ultimate weapon of war that became all too effective, wiping out their own creators and taking their mission beyond whatever original scope it had to encompass the whole universe.

Back in civilian life, Saberhagen worked as an It was while he was working for Motorola after his berserkfr service that Saberhagen started writing fiction seriously at the age of about Berserker 1 – 10 of 14 books.


The Berserker series is a series of space opera science fiction short stories and novels by Fred Saberhagenin which robotic self-replicating machines strive to destroy all life. This will be a great addition to the Berserker universe; I’ve always thought that more graphic art was in order. From there, the berserker machines evolved into one of science fiction’s scariest and most durable bad guys, all the more so because they are not actually evil, but just machines following their programming.

It seems more interested in plot and somewhat into character than it does in giving a message, and it’s strange to see that saberhqgen broken.

They bear the scars of countless battles, which they have always won. But now the Berserkers are threatening the TGwin Worlds, crashing a scoutship, capturing the planets’ president, and reprogramming this brain to suit their violent agenda.

Some of Saberhagen’s tales were quite gripping to me, Brother Assassin and Berserker’s Planet come to mind, as some of his most exciting adventures. Explaining to the Berserker the meaning of art and life. Published September 15th by Ace first published This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Gigantic intelligent machines are set loose to de… More. Free promo book printed for Waldenbooks Otherworl… More. July Ace 13th printing features cover art by Boris Vallejo.