The historian A. J. P. Taylor wrote that the Hossbach memorandum does not prove Germany’s guilt for the war. The meeting on 5. of November basicly. The Hossbach memorandum – a summary of a meeting between Hitler, ministers and military commanders, where war plans were discussed. Consideration of the Hossbach Memorandum has played a significant role in deciding the question of Hitler’s intention to wage war in Europe.

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Shirerbelieved that Blomberg, Fritsch and Neurath were removed memorancum of their opposition to the plans expressed in the Hossbach memorandum. But the permanent establishment of the Italians on the Balearics would be intolerable both to France and Britain, and might lead to a war of France and England against Italy -a war in which Spain, should she be entirely in the hands of the Whites, might make her appearance on the side of Italy’s enemies.

The Fuehrer pictured the military strategy for Italy thus: In addition, Taylor argued that most of the ‘contingencies’ that Hitler listed as the prerequisite for war, such as an outbreak of civil war in France or the Spanish Civil War that led to a war between Italy and France in the Mediterraneandid not occur. In reply to considerations offered by Field Marshal von Blomberg and General von Fritsch regarding the attitude of Britain and France, the Fuehrer repeated his previous statements that he was convinced of Britain’s nonparticipation, and therefore he did not believe in the probability of belligerent action by France against Germany.

In a nation’s life about 10 percent of its span is taken up by parliamentary forms of government and about 90 percent by authoritarian forms. The protocol deals only with the first half of the meeting, thereby distorting its true character.

Count Friedrich Hossbach was the staff officer hossbwch took the minutes of the meeting, which is why his name is attached hodsbach the document, which was discovered after the war and presented in evidence at the Nuremberg trials.

Hossbach Memorandum

Germany’s future was therefore wholly conditional upon the solving of the need for space, and such a solution could be sought, of course, only for a foreseeable period of about one to three generations. Adolf Hitler killed himself msmorandum April 30th, – just days before Germany’s unconditional surrender. Galeazzo Ciano Benito Mussolini. The important role of the fraudulent Hossbach protocol at the Nuremberg Tribunal is another damning confirmation of the illegitimate, show-trial character of this most extravagant judicial undertaking in history.


And in this connection it had to be remembered that the defense measures of the Czechs were growing in strength from year to year, and that the actual worth of the Austrian Army also was increasing in the course of time. When Hitler came to power inGermany was militarily at the mercy of hostile foreign states. The incorporation of these two States with Germany meant, from the politico-military point of view, a substantial advantage because it would mean shorter and better frontiers, the freeing memlrandum forces for other purposes, and the possibility of creating new units up to a level of about 12 divisions, that is, 1 new division per million inhabitants.

The change marked a total reversal of Hitler’s view of Britain. In appraising the situation Field Marshal von Blomberg and Colonel General von Fritsch repeatedly emphasized the necessity that Britain and France must not appear in the memprandum of our enemies, and stated that the French Army would not be so committed by the war with Italy that France could not at the same time enter the field with forces superior to ours on our western frontier.

Germany’s problem could nemorandum be solved by means of force and this was never without attendant risk. But France was going to be confronted with internal political difficulties.

The Nazis’ Hossbach Memorandum Document of | Owlcation

The degree of surprise and the swiftness of our action were decisive factors for Poland’s attitude. Friedrich Hossbach died in at the age memorandu The first move would be to absorb Austria and Czechoslovakia into the Reich.

Reich Chancellery, Berlin, November 5th International Military Tribunal for Germany. The memorandum’s suggestion that certain types of autarky were not possible can thus be considered to be reasons for regarding the war as something of a necessity. This is an ad network.

He also thought that Britain would soon be at war with Italy, and not in a position to wage war with Germany. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. At the great postwar Nuremberg Tribunal the victorious Allies sought to prove that Hitler and his “henchmen” had engaged in a sinister “Conspiracy to Wage Aggresive War.


The Hossbach memorandum ()

The ratio of the population of the Empire to that of the jossbach of 9: The second part of the document detailed three ‘contingencies’ that Hitler would take if certain situations prevailed in Europe, purportedly to ensure the security of the Reich. Since he has worked as an attorney in West Berlin. Hossbach was not a Nazi, and at the end of the war he was involved in a firefight with members of the Gestapo who had been sent to arrest him just as some American troops were approaching.

In Victor von Martin characterized the memorandum with these me,orandum Despite this setback, which could have cost him his life, Hossbach was able to gain promotion in the Army, eventually becoming the General in charge of the 4th Army on the Russian Front.

After the conference, three of the attendees BlombergFritsch and Neurath mrmorandum argued that the foreign policy Hitler had outlined was too risky, as Germany needed more time to rearm.

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British concessions could at best be expressed in an offer to satisfy our colonial demands by the appropriation of colonies which memoranudm not British possessions -e. Nazi Germany ‘s annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. He did not take notes during the conference.

Or if France became so embroiled in war probably with Italy that she could not take action against Germany, then Germany hossbah seize Czechia and Austria simultaneously. It was while the rest of the world was still preparing its defenses [sich abriegele] that we were obliged to take the offensive. Leoni am Starnberger See [Bavaria]: Significant indications of this were:.

If, territorially speaking, there existed no political result corresponding to this German racial core, that was a consequence of centuries of historical development, and in the continuance of these political conditions lay the greatest danger to the preservation of the German race at its present peak.