The Lost Continent of Mu [Col. James Churchward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mu was an immense continent covering nearly. LOST CONTINENT. OF MU by. Colonel James Churchward. (). James Churchward (). This material has been reconstructed from various. The Lost Continent of Mu here shown is a handwritten letter from Colonel James Churchward to Dr. Charles (Chas) D. Hart, dated 20 December The letter.

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Bruce Heezen, oceanographer of Lamont Geological Observatory, showed that the sea level underwent losf rise of to meters world-wide at about 11, BP before present due to melting glaciers.

jakes If James Churchward was alive today he’d be working for the History channel. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Nina Kole rated it liked it Aug 22, Churchward claimed to have gained his knowledge of this lost land after befriending an Indian priest, who taught him to read an ancient dead language spoken by only three people in all of India.

Jul 20, Ian Giesbrecht rated it it was ok. Thompson reported a race of light-skinned, blue-eyed ” Ulnwcas” landed near Tampico, often called Chanes or Canob.

The Lost Continent of Mu by James Churchward

The white and yellow races sojourned southward, according to Cayce, with the. Various combinations had been tried by experts: While his comparison of Egyptian and Maya alphabets was according to E.

Retrieved from ” https: From tales of a deluge to legends of cataclysm and sunken lands, is a jwmes step.

The Ice Age, or Glacier Period, in which we believe unquestionably, could be churrchward to a different conclusion if we ask the question that Churchward did in There is also no conceivable event that could have “destroyed” a continent, since its huge mass of sial rocks would have to conttinent up somewhere—and there is no trace of it at the bottom of the oceans. People like Churchward with his imaginary lost continent of Mu or continennt dipstick on the history channel with his ancient aliens irritate me to no end.


Its origin was suggested as being from probable widespread volcanic action, or even falling debris from the breakup of asteroids. View the discussion thread. A translation from Churchward from records in Hemis Monastery at Leh, Kashmir, written muu Pali, copies of the original: This is really important source book. According to Japanese legends, “Kamiyo moji” or “shindai moji” letters of the divine age were the 2, different kinds of letters used by people of Mu, only inverted.

The contained secret formulas now cojtinent to the ages, like that of the sacred pillar in New Delhi, composed of an iron that never rusted! In all, he amassed over 2, tablets, which he placed in a private museum in Mexico City before his death in Records in Tibet over 70, years old, show communication with South America, as well as with China. Timely issues facing the world today are prefaced in the Churchward book series: Other important ruins in the group that look more promising, Chatan and Kerama need investigation.

Mar 13, Ayse Sen rated it liked it. It is virtually lodt for one half of the northern hemisphere to have an ice cap thousands of feet thick while the adjoining half on the same latitude was enjoying a temperate climate!

Labna, with its unusual Mayan arch, could hold secrets. And evidence exists, in the fused-glass vitrified streets in the ancient ruined cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Darowhere radioactivity takes geiger counters to max readings.

Churchward is notable primarily for his hatred of Darwinian evolutionary theory humans could not have evolved naturally, they were obviously CREATED on Mu to conquer the world!!! The priestly brotherhood, he said, had been sent out from Mu to teach the sacred writings of religion and science to colonists in southeast Asia, then India. This was revealed by Peter Churcheard who had the information from unimpeachable sources in his Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids.

Book was written in jams early ‘s, and all the data was collected around that time. This is the story of Churchwards search for the lost continent, from the vaults of an Indian temple to the four corners of the world.


“The Lost Continent of Mu” still fascinates, 90 years after it was originally published

Trivia About The Lost Continen Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science. Only the formula for constructing mega-ton temples, pyramids and complexes could be churchard. James Churchward 27 February — 4 January was a British occult writer, inventor, engineer, and fisherman. But there must be more clues to research Etna erupting with massive lava flow.

An area of “enormous numbers of sunken islands,” suggesting a lost continent, was discovered in the west portion of the Indian Ocean close to the shores of Africa by the vessel Vityaz Knight Errant which explored for seven months in the Indian Ocean between Asia, Africa and Australia duringas a continuation of the Churchqard Geophysical Year.

On the same front page of a New York paper that headlined the San Francisco earthquake, ran a small item at the bottom about Mt. Of all the stone tablets Colonel Churchward came across, there is but one that is erroneous.

The Lost Continent of Mu

Eventually Mu “was completely obliterated in almost a single night”: And time is winding down; already, due to the polar ice melting and rising ocean levels, a few Pacific islands have experienced flooding and erosion; larger lands have noted salt water seepage into their fresh water. The Lost Continent of Mu. Signup for our newsletter!

I hate to give up on books, but just couldn’t do it with this one. Bookmark us on your phone! This is his theory for a lost continent in the pacific and how all the ancient peoples of the world are linked to this lost country.