The 13th Penal Legion, also known as the Last Chancers, is a Penal Legion of the Imperial Guard. However, rather than being simply a general punishment unit . Last Chancers has ratings and 22 reviews. T.j. said: Kage was a marine, untell a blackout sends him to the last chancers. now he must fight literally. The Last Chancers is a trilogy of novels set in the Warhammer universe written by Gav Thorpe. The novels in the series are named 13th Legion, Kill .

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Many of those offered the chance to fight with the “Last Chancers” choose death rather than follow Colonel Schaeffer, for such is the colonel’s reputation for undertaking suicide missions throughout the Imperium.

This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Colonel Schaeffer has worked hard to hone the surviving Last Chancers into a deadly spear with which he can stab at the hearts of the enemies of humanity unopposed, when and where they least expect it.

Initially, Colonel Schaeffer recruited thousands of criminals at one time, gathering enough troops to form an entire regiment. I hope they make a sequel where Cage comes back in the fashion that Shaeffer does.

Currently living in Nottingham, Gav shares his home with his lo Gav spent 14 years as a developer for Games Workshop, and started writing novels and short stories in the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40, when the Black Library imprint was launched in They are tasked with missions so clandestine, so dangerous, and so cold blooded that they would give any commander pause.

The omnibus centers around Lt. To view it, click here. Please wait for me to send you an invoice before paying to prevent any confusion over postage costs. It is the Last Chancers’ duty to the Emperor to die defending his realm and many accept this as the depressing truth of their situation. The squad has the move through cover, infiltration, and scouts universal rules.


The Last Chancers – 1d4chan

I liked the first book of the three, but there was a marked tonal shift upon going into the second book. Feb 13, Locked Out rated it it was ok Shelves: Some regiments also carry this practice out on a squad level, sending those who have disgraced themselves in the eyes of the Emperor on critical but nonetheless suicidal missions.

Then, after reading the first book in this omni, I figure he just might curb stomp you Morgan rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Nov 07, Nicholas Mastrodicasa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Evan rated it really liked it Nov 14, Create new account Request new password. The Last Chancers have the same starting equipment as the Veteran Squad but replace their lasguns with laspistols. If Brains is slain then Ox will go berserk, doubling his strength and toughness for the rest of the game.

Visit eBay’s page on international trade. As long as Schaeffer is still alive the Last Chancers are Fearless.

All last chancers will have the fearless rule as long as Schaeffer is still alive. John rated it it was amazing.

Colonel Schaeffers Last Chancers

Books by Gav Thorpe. There is a high chance men under his command will die before reaching the front lines, normally a direct result of forced marching along the quickest path en route to the frontline, normally footslogging though “hazardous” environments, and on the off-chance they survive that, the missions they’re employed on are channcers suicidal that it would be easier for them to just ask the Commissar to get it over with already though if they did the Commissar would just have them flogged.


More often than not–both. Set of the day? Following this modus operandi chancera Colonel Shaeffer, there have ultimately been many different 13 th Penal Legions in the Imperial Guard’s history, one for each chosen objective, and although it is not known if all of these units were commanded by Schaeffer, his extreme age and status within the Inquisition suggest that the two have been linked for some time. In other languages Deutsch. Megaharrison rated it it was ok Sep 26, Treat a game with the last chancers as two separate battles for determining the victor, perhaps a third player could even take control the Chancers.

No additional import charges at delivery! I returned the book to the library without bothering the second couple novels contained therein. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The narrative ends abruptly, when Kage sacrifices himself on their last mission.

Lists with This Book. Others prefer to send them against the xenos, thinking it best to kill such beasts with monsters of their las. When firing upon a squad he may assign the wound to whichever model he desires.