Oracle Certified Master, Java SE 6 Developer (Formerly Sun Certified Java SE 6 Developer (SCJD 6)) certification tests Java programming. Earning a Sun Java technology certification provides a clear demonstration of Sun Certified Java Associate; Sun Certified Java Programmer; Sun Certified. SCJD-OCMJD. This is my complete Sun Certified Java Developer assignment submission. I have decided to publish it now, a few years after achieving the.

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Oracle Certified Master (OCM) – Java SE Developer

certifiee You can download some good exam simulators such as gESJava 2. The certification consists of the practical programming task and the subsequent written theory exam.

Read more about SCJD here.

After you submit your assignment, you must also take a followup essay exam at a Prometric center. You can follow the links to learn more about each of the exam in the SCJD category Are there certifid commercial tools available for SCJD?

Which of the following signatures are valid for the main method entry point of an application? Preferably, certifiee should be the style conventions described at http: So, there’s always the possibility that you can get yourself certified with a high percent-age, but still remain clueless about RMI, Serviets or Corba.

But do remember that training institutes can only provide you with a certain basic level of knowledge and nothing more. The review of the solution, and the answers given at the essay exam, will only start after the essay exam has been submitted. There are numerous resources and books for effective preparation for Java Certification.

  D.P.R.581 95 PDF

Since this exam involves implementing a programming assignment, there is no concept of a mock exam. There are a few. What are the various assignments for the SCJD exam? The architect certification, which is of the highest standard, is considered to be the toughest developet clear in a single attempt.

Certification is available for the Java 2 platform. What is the range of values that can be assigned to a variable of type byte? Please let us know your feedback.

Oracle Certified Master (OCM) – Java SE Developer – GoCertify

Who appear in this exam? Sun will inform you of the results via email.

The File class contains a method that changes the current working directory. What happens after I have taken the exam?

javaprepare: FAQ for Sun Certification for Java Developer (SCJD) exam

The assignments are very similar in scope, and most of the same issues apply for all assignments. Do you need training? It is necessary for you to pre- pare for at least one year for this certification. This certification aims at making you into a Java guru. SinceJava is a relatively new pro- gramming language, there are very few people with practical experience and a certification in this field would be a defi- nite advantage.

The main disadvantage of this certification is that the participant must invest the considerable amount of work at least several weeks in writing that program.

With this certification in the bag, you would easily be able to hold your own in an argument on why Java implemented Corba is more powerful than ActiveX. With all the above-mentioned resources you can get a fairly good idea of the lan- guage.


However, the essence of the problem will be the same. You do not have too much of an idea about J ava Programming Language, preparing for this certification will get you a foothold in Java Programming Language. Getting a certification in this area will clearly demonstrate to your employers that you have an acceptable level of knowledge in Java programming language.

You might want to peruse this pagewhich links to all available Sun certificates. These are the topics develper there weightage – Topic. There used to be no strict time limit for this exam, but from May a time limit of one year has been introduced. There are two levels of java Certification in several disciplines: Choose none, someor all.

So it is best to take the exam just after the programming assignment, while things are still fresh in your mind. Read more about SCJA here.

The exam number for the assignment is CXA, and for the essay exam is Originally posted by Seema Manivannan: Preparing yourself for the test: In fact, using more advanced APIs is likely to be specifically prohibited, as these APIs are often the subject of other certifications.