Applying for college in UST? Here are the details for the UST Entrance Test ( USTET) for College. Application forms and schedules available. Applying for Grade 11 in UST? Here are the details for the UST Entrance Test ( USTET) for Senior High School. Application forms and schedules available. 19 Feb How to Apply for USTET Online. Click on the “sign up” tab, fill up the application form with the pertinent information and click on the “submit”.

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The following applicants must secure clearance from the UST Office of the Registrar before paying the application fee: Submit the following documents: Thank you again for all these!


Hello good afternoon are you still accepting collwg application this year. I am giving them to my niece who wanted a stuffed dolphin for her birthday. Applicants from foreign schools 2. Result of the UST Entrance Test will be posted at the respective campuses on a per course basis on January 28, Advanced Algebra and Statistics.

Regular Fee usually starts from Php 5, If the SAT is taken more than once, applicant must submit the most recent score. UST offers special testing schedules for foreign students and applicants with special cases.

Upload your ID picture then Save. The SAT must have been taken within the last 2 years before application.

I heard its an P18 th subsidy, just dont know if its per year or per sem. Keep a photocopy of all the documents before you proceed to step 5.


The process is a bit of a strict one, though. They will be notified through an email which will be sent as reply regarding the status of a student’s application to take the entrance test. If not, then the school will advise students to reapply to another college within UST, as this is pretty much a refusal usyet their initial application.

There is no official deadline extension for the requirements.

USTET – UST College Entrance Exam, Results, Reviewers and Tips to Pass

When do I apply for scholarships? Graduates of previous school years are not qualified. Hi good day… Just like to inquire about entrance exam for grade 11th? Ngayon pohindi ko makita kung nasaan yung downloadable application form. You will then need to do the online registration again.

Then I got the reference no. Please refer to our international testing fom nearest you. Hindi formm na po maopen muli. Stand by for further announcements.

This still applies up to today Kailangan ko pong gumawa ulit ng form as UST Pero na ka registered na ko kasi naman po hindi ko nadownload applicatio form tas nakalimutan ko pa yung reference number ko dahil nagrestart yung laptop namin. God bless us all po. When is the schedule of entrance exam and how much? Below are links to college admission application forms of some of the top universities in the Philippines. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Nope, we do not accept vouchers from the government. What will happen to my application? The stuffed portobello mushroom and the caprese spaghetti squash. Advanced Algebra and Statistics.


We will act on your request together with the evaluation of your documents. So bale may 2 sem so mahahati po siya sa 2 so magihing 52k po 5 months pero mababawas po ang esc tuition.


Explain from the bottom to the most complicated. Foreigners graduating from local schools – present passport and Alien Certificate of Registration Applicants must apply online. It is not meant to serve as nor claim aapplication be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

For graduates, the VCE was awarded within the last two years.

Pacucoa Level IV Accredited degree programs

Hi please help me because the link to the online application form says it could not find the website or error. The following applicants must secure clearance from the UST Office of the Registrar before paying the application fee: Then again, if a system that was wholly carried out in person eventually made its presence felt online, who knows what the future may hold?

Thank you very much. Only applicants who are currently enrolled in Grade 12 may apply.